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Are you looking for a high-quality enrichment program that's both affordable and engaging for your students? You've come to the right place!

Footnotes Music is known throughout the New England area to have the very best early childhood music classes. We extend that learning for children in Preschool and Elementary Enrichment programs, and can adapt our program for any age. Our in-school music programs include rich music experiences that support the learning happening in the classroom. Contact Us to book your next event.

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In-School Rhythm Kids Music Enrichment (Our Most Popular Program 15 Years Running!)
Our facilitators will come to your school and rock the house! Our programs are hailed by veteran educators as "the one program we want back every year!" We take your students on a musical adventure that they will remember for years to come! Combining song, movement, dance, drumming and collaborative activities, our crew will have everyone smiling, jamming and connecting through the power of music.
Programs Include: Rhythm & Drumming Workshops - Africa in a Day Program - Focus on Community - Around the World - Assembly Program

Preschool Music Programs
Schedule monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or one-time visits, and we will provide a complete music learning experience that engages children with song, dance, instrument play and rhythm activities. We offer a comprehensive music program that builds on a child's natural curiosity for music. With each visit, we include a wide of variety of musical experiences to keep children engaged and exploring the possibilities that only music can offer. Our programs include activities for kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning styles, mixed with some silliness and fun!
Programs Include: Sing, Dance & Drum - Focus on Community - Around the World - Assembly Program

Summer Camps/Programs
We offer the very best summer programs that get children involved and engaged! Invite our staff to work with your students this Summer for a trip around the world that includes; rhythm, song, dance, drumming and silliness! We'll bring instruments for your group to use and have a blast creating, playing and making music!
Programs Include: Summer Enrichment, Drum/Dance Assembly

In-Service Rhythm Development for Teachers
One of the greatest needs in music education can be the need to strengthen and develop rhythm. Footnotes Music owner, Tom Foote, has developed an innovative approach to help music educators and teachers learn, develop, strengthen and build their skills. Using the voice (language, chant, song), the body (movement, dance, folk dance) and rhythm (instruments, drum) combined with multicultural learning methods, you will have the tools needed to take your rhythm skills to the next level. These methods are taught in steps that build on each other and will take you, at whatever skill level, to the next level!

Artist In Residence
Invite us to your school for an extended music learning experience, from 1-2 weeks, with your students and your staff. We'll present a wide variety of music genres, from traditional (world/folk, etc.) to modern styles (hip hop/stomp-style, etc.), and collaborate with the students to create our collective interpretation that becomes our work together. Children learn, create, engage, and collaborate while having fun!
Programs Include: Drum & Dance Residency

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