Class Descriptions

Check out this more in-depth look at our classes. Our hope is that these detials will help you select the best option for your family. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Music Together® 
We chose this program for its overall depth of musical content. This is the very best early childhood music class hands down! With 9 songs collections with 30+ songs per semester, great music (parents enjoy it too!), multicultural songs, songs in different languages, fun rhythm chants, tonal patterns, rhythm patterns and 2 CD's and a songbook (per semester), your child will have a solid foundation of music for many years. Mixed-age classes means you can bring your 3 year old and your baby! In our opinion, Music Together is the very best early childhood program available. When looking around for program for my children, I searched and searched and found this to be the gold standard! 
Hum, Strum & Drum
The very basic foundation of music is rhythm and melody--some would add harmony as well. The ukulele is relatively easy to play and children 5-9, who might be geared toward the melody side, will enjoy this class. Given the age, you can choose to stay and participate or drop your child off for the class. We will learn easy songs beginning with the C-chord and progress on from there. Classes also include some instrumental props (stix, eggs, etc.) and movement to support overall musicality. There are handouts that show finger positions on the ukulele, strumming patterns, lyrics and drumming patterns that go with the strumming patterns. Your child should bring a soprano ukulele to class. 
Adult Basic Guitar
We have had many parents ask about guitar lessons. This is for the very beginner with little or no experience on the instrument. In each session we will learn chords for many popular songs, scales and picking techniques. For this class, you will need a guitar, patience and the willingness to get "blisters on ye fingers." We will move at an easy pace as a group.
Adult Hand Drumming Basics
The drum is an awesome instrument that is easy to play, yet difficult to master. In this class, we use an African djembe (bring a drum to class) to learn the path of rhythmic development. The technique is covered in the form of simple exercises to build your sound on the drum. We also learn specific traditional patterns from around the world and will experiment with ensemble pieces (includes African tonal bass drums called dunun, shakers, bells, etc.). The benefits of drumming are vast, but we say...more drums equals less stress!
Private Instruction
We offer private instruction to all, but primarily to older children ready to move beyond classes to formal music education. Formal music would include reading music notation, scales or rudiments of the instrument, playing musical terms and more complex rhythm and meter. Beginning piano is a great place to start, but you can also study flute, voice, theory, hand drumming and guitar.

We will support your musical endeavors as best we can, with suggestions for classes, to best places to get instruments, finding sheet music and whatever else you need. We are a click away!