Kids, Families & Music - Go Together!

From infancy through elementary age, Footnotes Music classes support a child's natural, musical curiosity. We provide meaningful music experiences to help prepare children for a lifetime of growing and learning, building self-confidence and self-expression like only music can!


Online and/or Acton - Bedford - Concord & Neighbouring Massachusetts Towns
Due to COVID-19 all classes are online.

Recent News

Music Together® Online!

Our online programs bring extended family and friends together, enjoying the high level of music education experienced during in-person classes. Consistent music-making with familiar, friendly faces makes a world of difference to your child. 

Rhythm Kids Online!

Children ages 4-8 extend their music learning with advanced, syncopated rhythm studies, drumming, multicultural songs and active movement. Rhythm Kids includes online music learning tutorials for an added private instruction component. A unique, fun, and comprehensive music learning program for older children!