Footnotes Music strives to provide children, families and communities with the very best in early childhood music education. We are passionate about what we do and know the difference it makes when children and families bond together through music. Music often marks special occasions in life and can resonate with us during the good times and during the more challenging moments. The benefits of music for a young child are far too numerous to mention here, but these benefits are the reason we do what we do! 

Q: Why Music Together®? We searched, took classes, tried different programs and even sought to create our own curriculum. However, when we discovered Music Together it was clear that this program was far and above any other we had experienced, and far surpassed our expectations. The music is fantastic and engaging for children on so many levels, but grown-ups also find themselves listening and enjoying the songs as well. Tuition includes a songbook geared toward building pre-literacy skills, a CD with familiar songs, songs from around the world, and access to the award-winning Music Together app to stream on any mobile devices.

Fun Fact: Footnotes Music owner Tom Foote is the creator of Rhythm Kids, the newest program for children ages 4-5 & K-2nd grade!

Q: How Do You Differ from Other Music Programs? Our curriculum includes the very best in early childhood music learning methods, including; Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly, Gordon, Reggio, and Suzuki. Sometimes a family expresses an interest in taking a Dalcroze Eurhythmics class, or a pop music-centered program, for example, and we say, "You already are!" These learning methods are tried and true. In addition, all of our teachers bring in their favorite music (anything from pop, classical, etc.) for jamming and dancing! By combining all these methods, and the pedagogy, our programs stand out among a sea of music programs.

Q: How Does This Differ from Library Music Programs? We love library programs and the good they do musically for the community. In our experience, we have found that children benefit from the in-home materials that explore a wide variety of sounds, meters, tonalities and modes of learning. In this way, and through the individual attention, and relationship, a teacher can provide in our classes, we find that children make significant strides in our classes and many continue making music as they grow! And finally, our teachers go through a rigorous training process and get ongoing music education to be aware of the latest developments in music education research, and methods to serve all populations. The learning never stops for your child, and it continues for our teachers as well!

Q: Can Anyone Teach Your Classes? Only those who have gone through the Music Together and Rhythm Kids training programs are eligible to teach for Footnotes Music. However, you don't have to be a professional musician to teach the program. Music is a skill, and one that can be learned by anyone. If you are interested in becoming a Music Together teacher and want to work at Footnotes Music, log on to www.musictogether.com to join an upcoming teacher training. We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to share music with our communities.

Q: Why Take Music? Research shows that music opens up pathways of the brain in young children, and is beneficial even while in utero! Music is one of the ONLY things that supports the five domains of early childhood learning simultaneously; social/emotional, cognitive, adaptive, physical and language. Children involved in music can makes significant gains in all these areas, but let's face it, without music, life would be... meh! Can you imagine life without music? We can't either!

If you have a question for Footnotes Music, Contact Us and we'll make sure to answer you right away!